About Us

One of the well established families in Samsun, Recepoğlu Group family company has set an example with its ninety-year business experience and success stories and has planned investments to enrich its country and people seeking the highest standard quality of service

The founder of our institution Mustafa Güdül has aimed to add value to their lives by encouraging them, without seeking merely economic benefits, opening human oriented institutions in the next chapter of his successful life.

One of the most important reasons for choosing the first institution he founded to be a girl dormitory is because he is deeply affected by the depression of the new generation in our world where technology takes humans’ place.

He believes the future-strengthened, successful visionary girls as mothers of the future and that they will make the new world.

Considering that the only thing which technology cannot produce is humanly emotions like love, respect, compassion, goodwill, and conscience as long as the world exist; we have thought of all the details in order to provide all kinds of opportunities for the students who stays in our institution to grow themselves in the best way to be seen.

With Mustafa Güdül’s vision we offer university students a living space of high standards and all the comfort they need.

As long as our guests stay in our institution, it is not only the best accommodation, but also is an educational and life platform where the vision is to present with academic calendar programs designed to develop oneself at home and at the same time social feelings.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the best in our business until 2023 and to constantly evolve putting human first, opening new instutitions with our sustainable growth strategies and creating accretion value to our country’s economy.

Our Mission

Our institution (dormitory) ; has no connection with no Congregation and is not affiliated with any Foundation or any association and with our ninety-years-old well-known family structure and the huge business achievements and experience, our experienced staff and management team is to serve our students and parents.

Our aim is to ensure that all students who stays in our Institution (dormitories) should feel firstly security and trust, respect and warmth of the family.

Our goal is to keep moving with the rooms that are planned to fulfill the needs of our students which we trust with our future, social activity areas and with improving ourselves every year and a sense of business that is solution-oriented and is aware of the responsibilities to the community institutions.


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