Why MG Yaşam

We find it honorable to invest the knowledge and experience of a 90 years old family with a principled and trustworthy sense of business to our children that we trust with our future.
A professional organization that thinks for you, work for you, as to say can think about everything for you.
We provide a home environment to our guests coming from various cities of Turkey without distinction of religion language and race.
Close to Main Street, Train stop is within walking distance to the University position for 2-3 minutes.

Samsun Girl Student Dormitory

With Mustafa Güdül’s vision we offer university students a living space of high standards and all the comfort they need.

As long as our guests stay in our institution, it is not only the best accommodation, but also is an educational and life platform where the vision is to present with academic calendar programs designed to develop oneself at home and at the same time social feelings.